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Striving to develop the most user-friendly and reliable softwares to simplify businesses' operations and analysis/analytics

Qoligo aims to Simplify Business.

Founded in 2020, Qoligo is launched to not only provice a solution to businesses' operations and analytics, but to proviede an affordable platform for brands out there who are in need of a less competitive and less-costly platform.

Not Your Typical Point Of Sale

Providing you with the software you need to not only boost your businesses' operations but also your Marketing.


We Provide the Arsenals to stimulate the Growth of Your Business.


Reduce Errors in Business Transactions, Analysis and Management.

Easy to Use

No Tech Background is Required to Pick Up on Qoligo's Software.

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We will be more than happy to assist your enquiries and get you familiarized with Qoligo.

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